2018 Camino de Santiago Pre-Lessons


I have always been a pretty positive person. In 2015, I lost my job due to the company downsizing and my emotions have been similar to a roller-coaster ride up and down since then, probably worst since a roller-coaster ride is about 30 seconds. You see society sometimes equates “success” with having a full-time job (I do work part-time though). Growing up it was ingrained in me that in order to be successful you had to have a job, so somehow, in these past two years, I have been feeling like a failure. A funny thing happened. I was running errands this morning in preparation for my Camino and realized that I get to go to the gym every day if I want to. I get to cook healthy meals because I am home. I am able to teach from home and at least once a week get to teach in a classroom where I interact with my students and have an impact on their academic endeavors and get to see and talk to my colleagues to keep abreast of what is going on in the academic world.

I will be walking from France to Spain to complete a 500-mile pilgrimage walk in 2 days; 7 hours; 23 minutes and 23 seconds for about 7-8 weeks. I have a wonderful husband that supports all my crazy ideas and have two wonderful kids that are doing well for themselves. Who gets to do this? The reality is that not many people can and do. So, why I am complaining? I am not a failure, I have been working since I was a teenager and now get to do what I love to do the most, teach. I am truly blessed and somehow didn’t see it or felt it until today. As the quote above states, the reality is that life is amazing, ordinary, mundane, and awful at times. You just need to regroup, appreciate the now, breath and relax that things are going to be ok. The Camino is making an impact on my mind and my soul and I haven’t even started yet. #spiritualawakening. Stay tuned!